This Stunning Natural Turquoise Necklace is on sale for the month of August. Available until stocks last. Be quick though… they sell like crazy!

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Turquoise is famous for its bright blue color and is said to promote healing powers, wealth, and good luck.

The necklaces come in 3 lengths:
-52 cm (20,8”),
-60 cm ( 24”) and
-72 cm (28,8”).
Length customization possible.
925 Silver Necklace Closure. 100% Stainless steel logo.

Why wear our collection?
Hand-Inspected Premium Beads – Every bead is high quality double checked on imperfections. Every Necklace is unique, perfect, and classy. We only use the finest mineral stones available. All the stones are double checked. All jewels are Made in Italy in the eternal city of Rome.