diAngelo Luxurious Beaded Gemstone Jewelry

Get ready for the Holidays with our limited Murano Silver or Gold Foil Venetian Glass Bracelets:


diAngelo Jewelry, a brand with a clear vision: to be the most recognizable, colored and dynamic Jewelry brand.
Amazing Exceptional Gemstones Bracelets.
🇮🇹 The real Made in Italy 🇮🇹. Trusted by thousands from all around the world.
Buy smart. Buy Italian. Buy diAngelo.

diAngelo Jewelry expresses a lifestyle that has it origins in the concept of “Ancient Rome” and “Mediterranean Culture”.

They are a source of inspiration for the development of the new collections.
diAngelo Jewelry focuses on Made in Italy, Mediterranean spirit, Design and Harmony, Comfort, Color and Craftsmanship.

diAngelo Luxurious Beaded Gemstone Bracelets & Jewelry
diAngelo Jewelry is a famous high fashion Italian Brand.
diAngelo Jewelry stands for Handmade luxurious gemstones Jewelry For Men And Women.
Created by a Rome based Dutch Italian Jewel Artist.