diAngelo Luxurious Beaded Gemstone Jewelry

Get ready for the Holidays with our limited Murano Silver or Gold Foil Venetian Glass Bracelets:


diAngelo Jewelry, a brand with a clear vision: to be the most recognizable, colored and dynamic Jewelry brand.
Amazing Exceptional Gemstones Bracelets. 🇮🇹 The real Made in Italy 🇮🇹. Trusted by thousands from all around the world.
Buy smart. Buy Italian. Buy diAngelo.

diAngelo Luxurious Beaded Gemstone Bracelets & Jewelry
diAngelo Jewelry is a famous high fashion Italian Brand. diAngelo Jewelry stands for Handmade luxurious gemstones Jewelry For Men And Women. Created by a Rome based Dutch Italian Jewel Artist.

diAngelo Jewelry expresses a lifestyle that has it origins in the concept of “Ancient Rome” and “Mediterranean Culture”.

They are a source of inspiration for the development of the new collections.
diAngelo Jewelry focuses on Made in Italy, Mediterranean spirit, Design and Harmony, Comfort, Color and Craftsmanship.