Tridacna is Earth’s whitest Stone and also very rare.

Tridacna shell

Tridacna is a saltwater clam with heavy shells with folds in them. From Italy to the far East artifacts in Tridacna have been found in several archaeologic sites. The Tridacna shells have been used for decorational purposes in the Phoenicia times.

Phoenician civilization Phoenicia was an ancient civilization (Before the Roman Empire!) which covered most of the coast of todays Lebanon to Egypt to Carthage Northern Africa. Their maritime culture spans from 1550 BC to 300BC.

Similar in artistic style, they were probably produced, made or distributed from the southern coast of Phoenicia. The back sides of the shells were decorated showing animal, humans and floral motifs.
Outside the Mediterrean territory, Tridacna has been used in Buddhist relics.

Provenance of Tridacna:
Mediterranean Sea and Indo-Pacific Ocean.

What is the meaning and what are the healing powers of Tridacna:
Tridacna stone helps to soothe nerves to calm the entire body and it also helps ease insomnia.