Our Bali silver beads are authentic and handmade by artists originally from Bali, Indonesia using genuine 925 sterling silver.
Many techniques and patterns have been passed down from generation to generation, and new elements continue to be added as the modern Bali artists hone their skills. To create a piece, the artist applies granulation (silver dots) and wires in detailed patterns that are further enhanced by an oxidation process. You’ll love these high-quality hand-crafted treasures in our jewelry designs: https://www.diangelo-jewelry.com/product-category/silver-sterling-925/

Handmade method by and skilled silversmiths. Each bali beads is a fine artwork.
Using Bali handmade beads in any design of your earring, bracelet, necklaces and other beaded jewelry is the perfect way to create beautiful artwork and make others amazed. The combination of your artistic ability with Bali Beads are available in a wide range will give you the freedom to be creative.