Roman warriors associated hematite with Mars, the Roman God of War. The soldiers used hematite for protection in battles, believing it would make them invincible.

For thousands of years, Hematite has been prized by many cultures. The Egyptians used hematite to calm anxiety. The famous Greek physician/philosopher, Aelius Galenus used it to treat eye infections and as a cure for headaches. Roman soldiers believed that when hematite was rubbed all over their bodies it provided protection during battle. Legend has it that, blood spilled at these ancient Roman battles saturated the ground and seeped into the earth creating this “blood” stone. Native Americans also believed that war paint made from hematite would make one invincible in combat.

Hematite helps with mental organization, balancing energy, enhancing memory and increasing intuition as well as boosts the wearer’s self-esteem.