Turquoise Calsilica

A type of chalcedony, this multi-colored stone combines a powerful cocktail of minerals that evolved from the lava streams of primordial volcanoes. Discovered only this millennium!

Mining: Ocean Jasper is mined in Madagascar, the only place on earth, near the town of Marovato (Marovato). Throughout the North-West coast of the island, after many years of futile search, this extremely original mineral would be found in the root.

Historical and cultural references: Discovered this millennium, the Ocean Jasper crystal stone meaning is associated with the unconditional love that comes from lighting a fire in the heart chakra. In this instance, Ocean Jasper serves as the lighthouse on your spiritual voyage across the seas to a higher consciousness. A rare stone that comes from one place in the world – Madagascar – the visually striking patterns of Ocean Jasper give it an almost otherworldly appearance.
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