Dutch Italian Jewel Artist

Diplomated at the Graphic Lyceum in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Started working as Graphic designer in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Graphic designer and Jewel Designer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Jewel Designer in Rome, Italy.

My passion is the cultural history behind natural stones and gems. I believe that every type of stone has it’s own character, history and cultural belief.

As you can see on the stones page, all stones come from all over the world. They get elaborated, polished and combined in the eternal city of Rome Italy. Made In Italy.

I’m looking for unique stones that can be worn in every special occasion. My passion is to provide others luxury wrist-wear what can be adjusted to fit just right. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

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Our goal is, besides making our clients (you!) happy with their purchase, helping the people in the third world directly. Thanks to globalisation we can comunicate and collaborate with the whole world. Our gold and silver comes from India and Indonesia. Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. Green African Turquoise from South Africa. Larimar comes from the Dominican Republic, ecc ecc

We are glad to say we are paying them more than they ask for. That’s our way of thinking.

We work together as a team despite of time, currency, language and religion differences. After all we’re one human race!